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Apollo Inception Dispels the Common Goal Setting Myths

Apollo Inception Dispels the Common Goal Setting Myths

Apollo Inception are strong believers that having goals to work towards is imperative, however there are many common goal setting myths that the Apollo Inception are keen to dispel.

According to the noted business author, Brian Tracey, clear and concise goals account for 80% of success and happiness and that people with succinct goals achieve far more in a shorter time frame than people without. Marketing specialists, Apollo Inception advise their sales contractors to set long-term goals, together with current short-term goals each week. Apollo Inception believes that without goals, success is much harder to achieve because goals keep an individual motivated to turn their invisible dreams into a visible reality.

Surrounding the subject of goal setting, there are many common myths that Apollo Inception are keen to dispel. The first frequently stated myth is that goals have to be S.M.A.R.T. Setting smart goals may help some people to remain on track to achieve them, but merely having goals and writing them down will set an individual apart from the 97% of people who don’t have them. People all too often limit their success by setting goals that are too realistic. Huge, unrealistic goals can push a person to achieve something that they never thought possible – as long as they back up their big goals with significant actions, then being able to achieve their goals shouldn’t be a problem. And having to accomplish every single goal that has been set is another myth that many people adhere to. Even if a person reaches 50% of the goals they have set, their life will be more successful than having not achieved any goals at all, claim Apollo Inception.

Apollo Inception urges their contractors to set both long-term and short-term goals. Long-term goals act as an excellent motivator for self-improvement and give a person an idea of in which direction they want their life to go and an objective to strive to achieve. Apollo Inception states that short-term goals come into place because they help to break down a long-term goal into smaller achievable chunks and when a person progresses to achieve their short-term goals, they will move closer and closer to reaching their long-term goal.

Sales specialists, Apollo Inception empowers their clients with an integrated marketing strategy that increases customer acquisitions while at the same time allowing for maximum brand awareness.